The Pioneers In Animation Animation Essay

The Pioneers In Animation Animation Essay

Animation has its roots in traditional art Its evolution over the years has been facilitated by not only artists but also visionaries and technically skilled experts Presented below are the noteworthy pioneers and their creations that helped animation reach unprecedented heights as we see today

It was in 1895 three years after Emile Reynaud inventor of the praxinoscope an animation system using loops of 12 pictures showed the first animated film in Theatre Optique system devised by him that two French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere presented the first authentic demonstration of what we now think of as cinema Lumiere Brothers characters which were images of real people became a better alternative to the Emile Reynauds presentations of moving drawings Georges Melies a fantasy filmmaker the maker of Voyage to the Moon 1902 was prided himself as stageillusionist and used the medium of cinema as a natural extension of his magical arts with their transformations and mysterious disappearances Many of the visual tricks employed in his fantasy film Voyage to Moon were achieved by stopping the film altering the image and photographing the new scene This later became one of the basic techniques of 3D animation films Hence arguably George could be termed as the first filmmaker to use Stop Action or Stop Motion

Stuart Blackton a Briton is the pioneer in Chalk Animation His work in Humorous Phases of Funny Faces made in 1906 is based essentially on line animation It is commonly known that the first animated work on standard picture film was Humorous Phases of Funny Faces 1906 by Blackton It features a cartoonist drawing faces on a chalkboard with the faces apparently coming to life Blacktons process of drawing a picture photographing it rubbing a part of it out and then redrawing it was the most basic use of the stopmotion technique Blackton along with Albert E Smith had employed stop motion photography to create wonderful effects in his 1907 live action film The Haunted Hotel He is credited with the making of the first stop motion puppet film The Humpty Dumpty

British film maker Arthur Melbourne Cooper also claimed having made the first ever puppet animated film Cooper is also perhaps the maker of the worlds first animated commercial film using stop motion photography in his film The Matches An Appeal a film of moving matchsticks produced way back in 1899 Coppers other notable creations were Cindrella 1912 Wooden Athletes 1912 and The Toymakers Dream 1913

Another pioneering effort in stopmotion techniques was that of Parisian caricaturist and film maker Emile Cohl who in his film Fantasmagorie depicting the adventures of a little clown drawn as a rudimentary stick figure used some two thousand drawings which ran for under two minutes

Those animators who used the puppet model the other method being clay model as the basis of their 3D Animation were Giovanni Pastrone The war and the Dream of Momi and Wladyslaw Starewicz The Magic Clock Love in Black and White Starewicz had enormous passion for drawings and sculpture and was influenced by Emile Cohls 1908 film The Animated Matches He later became known as Ladislas Starevich after he moved over to Paris and is till date acclaimed as the pioneering puppet animator because he created the first puppetanimated film The Beautiful Lukanida 1912 His cast of insect characters appeared in a series of modern fables viz The Cameramans Revenge featuring tiny miracles as a grasshopper on a bicycle and a dragonfly ballet dancer Other well known puppet films of Starevich were Town Rat Country Rat and the Tale of Fox Charlie Chaplin is one of the several Hollywood inspired performers in Love in Black and White 1927 by Ladislas Starevich The Mascot1934 showcased Starevichs live action story with toys

Quirino Cristiani from Argentina is the maker of possibly the first animated feature film El Apoacutestol in 1917 He also directed two other animated feature films including 1931s Padeopilis

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