The rapid evolution of rock music

The rapid evolution of rock music

Rock Music its Rapid Evolution


Music has been with man since the dawn of time Every beat or sound can some way be considered as a form of music Dating back to early man music could have been something as simple as the soothing sound of a waterfall or a tree swaying with the wind or a wild animal running through a forest Today music is so diversified and so engrained in our lives that practically every child or teenager even an adult has a vast list of songs that they might listen to on their mp3 players

There are many varied branches of music existing today These branches have now expanded to encompass everything from the tribal beats to anything that comes out of a synthesizer And although we find music in many forms today Im sure the purists would disagree with what the youth of today call great music Nowadays it seems the search is on for the in music Music thats making everybody feel good now and which is discarded in a heartbeat once something better comes along So what is it that has made rock music go so steady all these years

The reason why I have chosen Rock music for my seminar paper topic is that I truly am very passionate about this genre of music Rock Music or Rock as it is so called is vastly misunderstood by people most of whom simply associate it with negative stereotypes like drug addiction alcoholism violence sexual abuse demonic control and other vices One cannot blame people for having such misconceptions about Rock since over the years many of the famous Rock artists have come to be known mainly for their drug addiction and other outrageous behaviour under the influence of alcohol and chemical substances However it is important to understand that one must separate the artist from his music and not pass unnecessary judgment on the music just based on the vices of the artist

Another misconception is that rock is only drums and guitar when that is only the public face of Rock There is a host of other instruments that are key elements to rock music as a whole other than just guitar and percussion

Rock Music History Origins

I would now like to begin with the History of Rock music Where did it originate What are its roots How has it evolved along the years What is the scenario at present

There are several views as to where exactly the Rock genre got up and going And many believe that Rock originated in the west with the dawn of Rock Roll by Elvis Presley However that is far from the case It all started off during the postwar urbanization of America The popular music of the late 1940s included country music folk music the blues rhythm and blues known as RB jazz and classical music Basically rock music hails from a blend of various popular music genres at that time in the United States of America Rock music started off in the late 1940s when people wanted to move out from the slow beat jazz music and the slow electrified blues music to a much faster beat rhythm filled tune at that time The rock sound is believed to have primarily originated with the guitar It is believed that the existing guitar tunes used in blues music was soon blending in with other forms of music like jazz classical music folk music and other popular forms of music existing back then All this led to the birth of Rock music as a separate genre of music which back then came to be known as Rock n Roll towards the early 1950s

Around that time ie the late 1940s to the early 1950s Rhythm and Blues RB musicians mainly concentrated on the black audience However later onwards musicians started playing for a multiracial audience These musicians also targeted the newer forms or blends of music towards this audience Later on these same fast beat blends of RB and the blues etc came to be coined as Rock n Roll

It is believed that in 1951 in a town in Cleveland Ohio in USA a musician by the name of Alan Freed is said to have began playing a new form of RB music for a multiracial audience is believed to have f

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