The Role Of A Sheriffs Department Social Work Essay

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The Role Of A Sheriffs Department Social Work Essay

The sheriff is an elected county official therefore deputies and those who work for the department tend to have a closer relationship with the citizens in that particular city According to LaFrance and Placide 2009 article on the different leadership styles of police and sheriff most of the time Sheriffs have risen through the ranks of the sheriffs office over time before running for election therefore they are placebound Because they are elected they might feel more of an obligation to remain at their posts even when there is an adversarial relationship with the county and its board

Rowan D Williams states that Bad human communication leaves us less room to grow well I grew from this internship with the sheriffs office They were willing to let me witness and be a part of any call that would not put my life in any danger They answered all questions and allowed me to participate and experience the procedure of filling out paper work The internship with the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office was everything I expected an internship to be I went into this internship with an open mind willing to learn and observe as much as possible regardless of the warnings that it was more cows and horses then people Expecting to do a variety of things which would not only give me a paper to write but also an idea of what I wanted to do with my criminal justice degree All of my personal learning objectives were answered If the individual I was with at the time could not answer a question then I was directed to the persons who could Interning with the Cherokee County Sheriff Department was a very enlightening experience making me more aware of what my lifes goals were and were not I gained a lot of firsthand experience and was able to network with a lot amazing individuals From the observations I made while interning with such informative individuals gave me new respect for the manner in which the legal process is reviewed

I started my internship as the ride along and the shift was 600am600pm however the deputies shift started at 545am The overlap help the deputies who were about to punch out get off sooner Roll call is held every morning This is where the deputies receive any information from the night crew or any policies and procedures which changed while they were off They inspect their weapons cars and any other device which may hinder them from doing their job After the roll call the supervisor at each precinct briefed the deputies on what was going on within their zone and who I would be riding with Then the deputies would disperse and began zoning or patrolling

Stan Crowder

The Cherokee County Sheriffs Office runs their agency with high standards Deputy Hackard describes the sheriffs department as aiming to be Triple Crown holder with its accreditations The training which every deputy participates in prepares the deputy for his job and also their partners job This agency goes beyond all requirements for accreditation Cherokee County which was the first agency in Georgia to have accreditation through The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies CALEA is also Peace Officer Standards and Training POST certified and Georgia certified Each certification holds its own purpose within the agencys policy and procedures The agency builds its policy and procedures around the standards and requirements of CALEA and POST The agency has not yet received accreditation from American Correctional Association ACA however they have standards similar to those that are already required This agency strives to maintain and go beyond all standards to set itself apart from the rest as it relates to its citizens Constantly being in training helps the department establish a mind within the deputies able to critically examine situations in different scenarios Wesley Phillips and Darrell Norman write in their article that by engaging in critical thinking law enforcement professionals should create multiple solutions to problems by constantly

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