The Roles Of A Quantity Surveyor

The Roles Of A Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is an individual whom works on projects ranging from office blocks schools hospitals factories to bridges railways oil and mining development ship building and large process engineering works such as oil refineries and anywhere that major construction work is carried out Traditionally this role has been performed by a highly trained person with extensive knowledge in the operational procedures involved with construction or project management This position often acts as an independent contractor and is a trusted and respected source for professional consultation The roles of the Quantity Surveyor are diverse and vital to the project life cycle Internet

Every Quantity Surveyor has the standard basic skill which is to draw up a bill of quantities which is a type of tender document that contains information regarding to the construction project The measurements are taken from the drawings which must be in accordance with the standard measurement method which is agreed or accepted and will be priced by the contractors The documents will be used throughout the whole construction project and are for valuation and cost control purposes The Quantity Surveyor estimate and monitor construction costs from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the construction period as part of an advisors role After the completion of construction the Quantity Surveyor may have to be involved with tax depreciation schedules arbitration and mediation if necessary and cost estimation for insurance purposes They are employed on most construction projects as consultants to the owner in both private and public sectors They would have to work hand in hand with architects financiers engineers contractors suppliers project owners accountants insurance underwriters solicitors and Courts and even with all levels of government authorities

The roles of Quantity Surveyor come in handy when at times of

Cost planning is a advance technique used by the QS team and it is mainly to help all the construction team members to arrive accordingly at practical designs for a project and make sure the projects are within budgets The Qs will have to make sure that everything has to follow in accord to the estimates which have been agreed from the beginning of successful contractors tender to the final project cost In planning construction cost it is very important that maintenance and running cost cannot be neglected in order to attain a project that is cost effective throughout its life The QS will have to rapidly deal with the cost implication when the client decided that there is a change of plans and when variations are introduced Cost planning can improve economy standards and also better value for money Constant monitoring can avoid the risk of overspending if they are spotted early and proper corrective actions are taken thus help the client to save money

Value management

Value management is an act which aims to eliminate waste from the design or clients brief thus at the same time the safety and main functions of the projects are retained The objective of this value management is to deliver the project function to the expected quality so that the best value for the money can be expended In this case it does not necessary mean to be at lowest initial cost but all factors impacting upon the projects which are considered as a whole are proven of the highest value anonymous internetA QS is a well qualified person to direct the value management studies on a project From this value management the project team can obtain a clearer understanding of the involved project objectives and functions thus reducing any unnecessary costs are being made able In this value management it also labels the whole life implications in terms of both cost and also the clients business objectives of the building design

The Life Cycle Costing

The cost of a project cannot be evaluated base on the initial cost alone It is long been proven

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