The Whale Rider Movie Theology Religion Essay

The Whale Rider Movie Theology Religion Essay

His leadership style is Authoritarian autocratic This style is used when leaders advise their employees what they want completed and how they want it capable without getting the advice of their followers Lewin 1939 Koro is driven by his vision of a patrilineal leadership restoring the integrity of his people He is determined that the male line be unbroken Koro is a very stubborn harsh severe chief who dominates in everything that the people do When he believes in something he under no circumstances changes his decisions He is definite and powerful in all that he says and does and he hardly ever appreciates others work and effort Koro is defensive with his beliefs and opinions and is blind towards any proof that opposes his faith His leadership style is not peopleoriented at all as he is selfish isnt sympathetic or sensitive and never considers other peoples feelings However he is absolutely honest to his tikanga to his understanding of Maori culture and customs and to the teachings of his ancestors But with that honesty comes stubbornness and a pride and thats what trips him up

Pai Koros granddaughter

Paikea is a servant leader According to Michael McKinney 2000 is an individual who maintain what is best for all individuals even if it may not be in their individual concern to do so A custodial position must be approached as a shortterm role preserving something greater than the selfvalues of longterm and longlasting value This is a thought of mind that focus on the job at hand and not on what the leader may achieve from the situation It implies a caring and concerned connection between leaders and followers individuals enthused by their essential best interests

Pai was a strong willed girl who was born to be a leader even though koro didnt see that straight away Persistence is a key factor of a leader Pai was a great leader and showed many leadership qualities such as loyalty strength and confidence Her grandfather koro was always trying to block out all the leadership skills she portrayed as he wanted the new chief to be a male as it was part of their tradition Pai faces many challenges caused by herself Koro and her culture which she handles them with maturity and determination She never gives up and is never disheartened by the fact that she is a girl and is over looked by her grandfather Pai falls in extraversion personality of leadership as she displays throughout the movies the traits of warmth seeking novelty and excitement assertive cheerful and talkative and action oriented

Critique of effectiveness as a leader

Koro was a very effective leader as he took charge over his people and the old traditions were very important to him and he wanted everyone else to feel the same way Koro could see the people get more distant and realised his leadership is not working so he started to search for a leader Koro spent his life looking for a new leader he could not see that Pai was right in front of him

Koro refuses to acknowledge Pai as leader despite her constantly showing herself to be more competent than any of the boys In the film when Koro screams You dont mess around with sacred things you can feel the strength of his belief but Pai is equally determined and so the battle is joined However in the end he accepts Pai as a leader

Paikea was a strong willed girl who was born to be a leader even though koro didnt see that straight away Persistence is a key factor of a leaderThroughout the movie Pai has to not only fulfill the tribes expectations she has to go beyond them Not only does she carry out her role brilliantly she realizes that there is a need for the whale rider and steps up to fulfill her role For example at her first school concert when all her peers were misbehaving Pai continues to sing keeping her focus determined to prove that she is serious about the tribes culture and her ambitions to become the whale rider This event proved to the community that Pai cared more for the tribe than most of

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