Tojo World War II

Tojo World War II

Tojo World War II Project

Throughout World War II many important individuals have played pivotal roles in the war These individuals have included Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and Winston Churchill of Great Britain But in the Pacific Theater of World War II Hideki Tojo of Japan played a very important role in World War II as well Tojo was important in World War II because he authorized many crucial events in the war like the bombing of Pearl Harobr and the Battle of Midway

Hideki was born in Tokyo Japan on December 30 1884 and came from a family of samurai decent His father was an accomplished general who enrolled Tojo in the Military Academy and the Army College After Tojo graduated in 1924 he was able to achieve many accomplishments His achievements included being a military attacheacute in Switzerland and teaching at the Army Staff College Within the military circle Tojo was known as the Razor a reputation Tojo received for his ability to make quick and sharp decisions But one of his biggest achievements before World War II was his arrest of the main conspirators of the February 26 incident

The February 26 incident was an attempted coup detat of the Japanese government The reasoning behind this coup detat was that many of the younger officers in the Japanese military felt there was major corruption and poverty in the rural areas And they believed the solution was to remove some of the officials in the government Some of their targets included Keisuke Okada who was the prime minister of Japan during the time of the incident As well as Makino Nobuaki who was in good relations with Emperor Hirohito The conspirators of the February 26 incident believed by removing people like Nobuaki out of government then the problems in Japan would be solved However Tojo and other military members against the coup were able to arrest many of the conspirators and suppress the rebellion As a result Tojo was promoted to a Chief of Staff Position and by 1929 Tojo had become commander of the illustrious First Infantry Regiment

Within Tojo he had extreme right wing views and believed in an aggressive foreign policy Thus it was natural for Tojo to support military actions such as the 1931 invasion of Manchuria and the Second SinoJapanese War The invasion of Manchuria consisted of Manchuria as well as Korea under Japanese control Japan also instituted a puppet government in Manchuria called Manchuko with Puyi as Manchukos regent While the Second Sino Japanese War was a result of Japans imperialist policy to control China and obtain Chinas raw material and other resources Although both wars displayed the military might of Japan it also produced dire consequences Many of the Chinese were killed and Japan was panned by the international community Especially from the League of Nations who condemned Japans military aggression thus pushing Japan to leave the League of Nations

Tojo like many of the Japanese people at the time held great admiration for the dictators in Europe such as Hitler and Mussolini Tojo especially respected Hitler whom Tojo admired for his passion and toughness Japans respect toward the European dictators was exemplified when Japan signed the Tripartite Pact a pact that created a mutual alliance between Italy Germany and Japan However Japans respect toward the European dictators was not shared with the United States Instead many Japanese people like Tojo perceived the Americans to be self indulgent lazy and without morals This was especially evidenced during Tojos trip to the United States as a military attacheacute During the trip Tojo perceived the Americans to be lacking the spiritual strength and dedication of the Japanese

Perhaps through this attitude toward the Americans and among other factors did it help persuade Tojo to authorize an attack on Pearl Harbor When by Emperor Hirohito appointed Tojo to be the Prime Minister Tojo believed that war with the United States was inevitable and Japan needed to be prepar

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