Virtual 3D Thermal Human Modelling

Virtual 3D Thermal Human Modelling

In recent years with the revolutionary changes and remarkable innovations on functional and intelligent materials a growing trend on functional and smart wearable products have been introduced and accepted by the market Clothing is one of the most common branches For some fit or tight fit functional clothing more design elements on human anatomy physiology pathophysiologic and biomechanics have been undertaken by them to enhance the special functions such as body protection recovery rehabilitation treatment shaping and performance enhancement

Mannequins as one of the efficient design tools also known as human model are frequentlyused by fashion designers patternmakers and manufacturers which equip them with tangible or virtual 3D model Besides digital 3D human models are increasingly adopted to enhance the efficiency and sustainability in these human centred disciples Geometry human model Gmodel presents the basic dimensional information of human body In front of these new revolutions on design and technology trends the traditional Gmodel may not respond well to the emerging new requirements on design and manufacturing progress of functional clothing The digital human body applied to fashion and functional design and manufacturing need be endued with more efficient information of the human body There is a necessity toward launching functional human model as an accelerating enhancing and inspiring tool for fashionable and functional product design especially for functional clothing design

Body temperature is a vital feature of human beings which indicates the comfort and health status of the human body As a heat transfer system human body requires wellbalanced thermoregulatory control loop Clothing is often regarded as the second skin of the human body which can fulfil the functions of balancing the heat and moisture conditions and thus provide thermal comfort

Besides problems like subhealth and ageing population gradually attract more attentions on healthcare Due to the significant importance of body temperature in indicating the pathophysiologic features of the human body as emphasized by medical researchers in clinic functional clothing with thermal functions like rehabilitation and treatment will be a meaningful practical and innovative functional product to take care of the human body like a special wearable medicine

Science and technology are changing the life of the human beings Unquestionably functional and smart products are the ongoing trend for the future The thinking of the insiders like researchers designers or product developers must be progressive with the tidal current of advances in science and technology

To develop thermal related functional products a visualised and quantified human model is essential and prerequisite Without accurate and reliable thermal information revealing the inside secrets of the human body the process of functional product development is like that a blind man feels an elephant Aworkmanmustsharpenhistoolsifheis to dohisworkwellThere is a knowledge gap and a tool absence for accurate and visualised functional design and manufacturing To launch the thermal human modelling Tmodel is a farsighted and necessary step

With the rapid developments of medical imaging and anthropometric technology 3D body scanning and 2D Infrared thermography IRT provide relatively accurate and visible information of the human body which help to further understand human body from physical physiological and pathophysiologic aspects 3D body scanners as instruments to capture the whole body and create a set of dimensionally accurate data are widely used in many areas such as human modelling and humancentred product development in fashion industry IRT has been used as an effective and noninvasive medical diagnosis tool which helps to monitor the skin temperature distribution and evaluate the health conditions of the human body in an ocular way These two facilities lay a solid foundation for the pract

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