Voice User Interface VUI

Voice User Interface VUI


Voice User Interface VUI is the interface which works on the users demand in the form of speech The speech engine recognizes the keyword from many ambiguous words in the surroundings and works on the user demand The basic VUI is constructed by the XML Language

The keyword has to be recorded in the speech engine at the time of construction The basic security of the VUI is given by the confidentiality of the keyword for the specific work The keyword refers to the password which is separate for each work that has to be performed by the system

The new thing according to me is to make the system to understand our commands and work according to it with the same perfection But the only difference is that we have not to store any keywords in the time of initialization

The voice tester attached to the speech engine gives the security which tests the voice frequency of the user and allows only the authorized user to access the engine This gave high security and which cannot be broken easily

For that have to include three different things in the library functions of the XML Language The three things are
User Language

The user language is set according to the user and it should be included in the library function

The user has option to give the command in different language and the translator converts it to the machine language

The phonetics is the language of pronunciation It includes all the pronunciations that have to be pronounced by the user But the pronunciations by the user should be accurate

The security of this VUI is high and it should be initialized The user has to give the authorized voice that can only access the system If the user wants to increase the security the voice modulation along with some keyword can also be stored in the system This increases the security level in the system The user can specify the no of users through that they can also be access the system with the specific key word

The VUI has finds many applications in voice mailings Home appliances entertainment etc

Kinect is the special device used to sense the voice of the user The VUI finds its applications in cheaper and perfect manner By connecting this VUI to the speech engine to any of the appliances we can make it as userfriendly

By implementing this concept in appliances and other systems we can make our work simple cheaper and quicker The system connected with the speech engine is very helpful and is very easy to handle


Voice user Interface VUI is an interface which works on the demands of the user which are given in the form of speech

VUI concept is firstly introduced to make some devices more secure The voice can be a high secure element and which cannot be hacked easily by the user

Also it has main advantage of easy of work and saving the time of working the user has many demands and it can be easily done by the system

Kinect is the speech device which is used to record the speech from the user and it converts it in to the words

This device finds an application in the field of VUI to record the voice and send it to the system


VUI has the basic concept of recording the voice and convert it to the words and works according to it The following picture refers to the conversion of speech to words


VUI which is basically word in some user system interface in which the help of human is not required For example it can be used in the field of Customer Care of the mobile companies


Consider a user calling to the customer care regarding the need of information
The recorded voice of the system welcomes the user and gives the user to choice and it explains the meaning of the choice
The user has to process a number according to his need and the system recognizes the number and connects it to the respective module

User Calling for Customer Care

Customer Care Welcome Sir

Your choices

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