Why I Want to Become an Architect

Why I Want to Become an Architect

It takes a lot of work to be accomplished in any field of work If you want to be an architect you need to graduate high school and get a bachelors degree A Bachelor of Architecture usually takes about 5 years to get You need to pass all your classes and do your best work If you get a preprofessional bachelors degree in architecture studies that usually takes about 4 years Design classes would be good to take or building classes If you were trying to train to become an architect some onthejob experience from another architect would be very helpful In all you need Bachelors Degree 5 years and 3 years of internship accumulating 8 years of education and training

An architect needs to be creative analytical good at communicating have good visualization skills and be organized You would need to be aware of common buildingconstruction knowledge and know what best works Architects work in the designing aspect of construction and may also be involved in every step of the process even construction You need to know how to make a structure appealing to the eye and also be safe and functional Each day you might be looking for new projects to do In addition to designing buildings you would also help to restore old buildings Once you get a project you work on designing and mapping out blueprints with the exact specifications needed Architects may work handinhand with the customer or may just be given guidelines and work from there

Throughout the building process the architects job is checking prints against construction and managing timeThey need to make sure the construction crew isnt making any mistakes When creating the prints needed an architect needs to be able to make logical drawings that can easily be measured and converted They need to go over all the specifications and be very precise Being knowledgeable of real world buildings and how to make a building safe and functional is a very big part of your work Qualities attributed to an architect are an eye for details drawing skills and be able to work with 3D art inventive and imaginative be passionate about buildings and the environment and care about the people you are designing for

A certificate that is not necessarily required but is a sign that you have met the highest standards is the NCARB certificate If you are becoming an architect you must register for and get a license to even call yourself an architect You need to be certified in safety and the license is required if you want to legally design a structure for someone or something You must have 3 years of experience before seeking licensing You can serve as an intern for a more senior architect for more experience All architects must past the Architect Registration Examination ARE to become certified

There is a projected 1476 increase in architecture This is statewide while nationwide there is only a 69 increase The average wages of an indiana architect is around 64970 They can make up to about 114000 dollars That is a good paying job I am interested in this job because I think it sounds intriguing and also matches my skill set The fact that it interests me while giving me good money is a huge bonus Not many people get both or are not able to Since my job is engaging to me I would do my best work and be able to excel farther Benefits of this occupation are numerous The people I would work with would show the same kind of passion that i do and also have the same interests Architecture is a fastpaced career It can be very fascinating and is beautiful work The work that you do is shown off to the world and everyone gets to see it One personal benefit is the fact that you would get to travel I love traveling The best architects need to know their environment and the styles they are working with Most architects travel to see the other cultures and types of architecture They need to see how other buildings and countries work and flow and how all their things are structured different than ours

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