Women Involved In The Leadership Of Saudi Arabia Sociology Essay

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Women Involved In The Leadership Of Saudi Arabia Sociology Essay

This paper delves into the world of Islamic and Muslim culture and its effects on the Saudi Arabian woman in terms of education and leadership Access to justice and the structure of the government of Saudi Arabia is used as an example of how road blocks are put in place politically for Saudi women Economic educational and religious leadership are discussed indepth with ideas of how to bring social change for women to gain educational and leadership roles in Saudi Arabia Muslim and Islamic social norms and their impact on Saudi women are discussed within this examination Political leadership and the lack of women inside of the world of the Saudi government provide greater insight to this review

Saudi Arabia is a desert country spread over 864000 square miles There are no rivers or lakes The clusters of townships are seen around a few oases and seashores Big cities like Riyadh Makkah Medina Dhahran and Jeddah enjoy all the amenities of wellplanned modern metropolitan cities The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy headed by the Al Saud royal family with a council of ministers Saudi Arabias strong roots in religious and tribal histories has made it what it has become today By the 1970s Saudi Arabia had become a dominant in the realm of international finance and a significant political power in the Middle East Saudi Arabia has emerged as the fulcrum of the Middle East political juggernaut This meteoric rise unleashed tremendous forces which reverberated in every aspect of life of the nation social economic and political The nomadic tribes which roamed the arid deserts camping from oasis to oasis struggling to survive suddenly found themselves wallowing in wealth Townships with modern amenities began to mushroom in the barren biblical land The impact of the sudden economic boom unleashed by the oil bonanza struck Saudi society like an avalanche Initially Saudis were baffled by the rapid socioeconomic undercurrents but soon took control of the situation and adapted themselves to the new environment without swerving from the trodden path of Islamic tradition Saudi Arabia is occupying the larger part of the Arabian Peninsula and is the worlds leading oil producer and exporter The kingdom is the center of the major places of importance for Muslims from all over the world In this case it houses two of the most holy cities of Islam Mecca and the medina In Mecca approximately two million pilgrims meet every year for the annual pilgrimage The total population for the country is approximately twenty six million people with about seventy percent of the population constituting of foreigners who work on temporary permits Kathleen 1991 About ten percent of the population consists of the Shia who are discriminated against in hiring education and government processes the recent past Saudi Arabia has made some progress in womens education and employment However gender discrimination is built into Saudi Arabias governmental and social structures and is integral in the countrys practice and interpretation of their particular version of religious teachings Anders 1998 For women access to employment activities is very limited with minimal enjoyment of the full benefits of citizenship or adulthood This limitation has caused a call for change and the reformers are actively working on forming the democracy of the country The international community is also working in close collaboration with the reformers to help in the administration of justice and the equality of gender in Saudi Arabia Sameena 2005

In my study I aim to explore the discriminative judicial and government systems in the country with the inequality in the gender treatment to describe the leadership roles of the women in the Saudi society I will also show how the various isolation methods that Saudi women undergo hinder them from experiencing leadership roles

Access for Justice and the Indiscrimination in the Saudi Society

The Saudi system is set up in a form known as the Sunni

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