Zas Hostel Management System Is The System Computer Science Essay

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Zas Hostel Management System Is The System Computer Science Essay

The current system is based on manual work and all sorts of the procedure are performed manually Therefore they maintain all the record manually by using the paper and will be stored in specific folders and using file system Hostel Management system is definitely the system that manages and handles the student details and informations In this system the staff can easily manage the student details hostel details While student can use as a student account to register their room for every new semester and make complaint

According to Stein 2006 an organization cannot be successful or competitive in todays business world without computer systems that provide the tools needed to sustain and scale business efficiency Consequently it can be said computerbased automated system can help to reduce the workload and can reduce the use of manual paperbased system Therefore it is clear that the computer systems are needed to create efficiency and convergence in the growing organization It also can improve customer service without raising operational risks Stein 2006

Objective for creating this hostel management system is to make it possible for the community for making any business without leaving their residences Initially it can facilitate the work of staff to record the data Second it can facilitate ordinary users to deal with the management team via the internet in their own home without having to go out from home According to Beam McFadden 1998 a major advantage of the internet is that employees can be allowed access from home or while there are travelling

Background of Study

ZAS Hostel Management System is the system for manage the entire management of hostel The main point of developing this system is to help the staff to easily manage the hostel details and helps student for online registering and retrieve their information via online

The project is developing because ZAS hostel previously used manual paper based system to record the entire information of hostel and it have a lot of difficult to keep track of the details of students residing in hostel hostel details such as blocks number and room number equipment details such as bed table chair and other furniture Through the use of manual system which is paper based system it is difficult to manage the entire hostel details and maybe it is easy to loss the information

Therefore ZAS hostel management system will develop to assist the staff to manage the hostel management and for student they can make online registering and retrieve their information via online Apart from that this project is developing to upgrade the manual paper based system to computerize system and make the business easily to access and systematic

Initial problem statement

Despite the advancement in technology there are some organizations that are still using a manual system To further strengthen this statement Griffin 2011 has stated that many small organizations still function quite well with a manual system using paper documents This can be considered very highrisk and inaccurate Therefore the organization that used manual system need to shift their manual systems to automated systems Warford 1998 stated that the major difference between computer and human execution of a job is that the computer can perform its tasks faster OConnor 2000 describe that the accuracy of the computer helps to reduce mistakes which leads to increase guest satisfaction and better control over operations The use of computer systems brings many benefits when compared with manual procedures OConnor 2000 Hence it is clear that the computer can do work well than human

The difficulties encountered by current system are identified as listed below

Security issue

Micropalsystemscom nd stated that paper documents are often managed with minimal security control Since they are using manual system which is paper basedsystem The possibility to lose the data is very high

Poor data storage

All the data is stor

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